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Delivery Area
CobornsDelivers currently services the Twin Cities greater metro area. Some service restrictions apply. You must complete the online signup process to confirm delivery to your specific location.

Delivery Fees

  Next-day Delivery   Same-day Delivery
Orders of $50 or more $5.00   $9.95
Orders of $49.99 or less $9.95   $14.90
Pickup orders* FREE with $25 order  
Phone order fee    
Orders of $100 or more No additional fee  
Orders of $99.99 or less Additional $5  

Alcohol restocking fee**

Grocery restocking fee***



* Grocery pick-up is available at our New Hope SuperStore only. Log in to see details on your Delivery Options page.

** If an adult with valid ID is not present at delivery to sign for alcohol, it will be removed from your order, and you will be credited the purchase price and charged a $10 restocking fee.

*** If no one is available to accept a to-the-door apartment delivery, the order will be cancelled and you will be charged a $25 restocking fee.

Setting/changing delivery day
We deliver seven days a week in most neighborhoods. When you set up your account for the first time, you will be asked to choose the day and time that works best for you from a list of times we're in your neighborhood. This becomes your "default" delivery day. If you don't want the same delivery day each week, or want to order more or less often than once a week, simply select a new delivery option each time you order.

You can change your delivery day by clicking on the "Delivery/Pickup" link above the main navigation bar, or the "Change" link that appears next to the delivery info above your Shopping Cart.

Getting an estimated delivery time
You can count on your groceries arriving during your selected four or five hour delivery window. If you'd like a closer estimate of when your groceries are scheduled to arrive, log on the morning of your delivery and look for your Target Delivery Time next to the yellow truck at the top of the page. This is updated every 15 minutes once your truck is on the way. Click on it within 4 hours of delivery and you'll even see who's coming to your door. In the event of bad weather or extraordinary circumstances, we'll let you know if we're running late.

You can also request Delivery Alerts (under "My Account>Communication Preferences" or from the "Delivery/Pickup" page) if you'd like a text message or e-mail with your Target Delivery Time sent the morning of your delivery day.

Not home for delivery? No problem!
You do not need to be home for delivery unless you have alcohol items in your order. (See alcohol delivery policies below.) Our insulated green totes and careful packing techniques utilize dry ice and ice packs. We do recommend you unpack your groceries as soon as possible, particularly in extreme temperatures.

We can leave groceries in a secure area of your choosing (your garage, at your back door or wherever you'd like) — just let us know in your special delivery instructions. You can talk to your Neighborhood Service Rep in person, or click "My Account" on the main navigation bar to edit your delivery information — tell us where to leave your groceries if you're not home and note any special delivery instructions. Be as specific as you can, and feel free to change these anytime. Your Service Rep will check for changes with each order.

What to do with dry ice
Frozen foods are packaged with clear plastic bags of dry ice, which can cause injury if handled, or may damage kitchen counters or other man-made surfaces if removed from the cooler totes. Please do not handle dry ice or remove it from the tote. The dry ice package is labeled with appropriate warnings and we recommend that you abide by the warnings.

What to do with empty totes
Your Neighborhood Service Rep will gladly pick up your empty totes the next time you have a grocery delivery. Just let your Service Rep know where to look for the empty totes, either in person if you're home, or by clicking "My Account" and entering pickup instructions in the "Delivery Information" section.

If you need to get rid of the totes sooner, you can click on the "Pick Up" link above the main green menu bar to request a tote pick up. Please note that keeping these requests to a minimum helps us keep our costs (and prices) down.

Tipping Policy
No tipping, please.

What to do if you move
It is your responsibility to change your address if you move. We will deliver groceries to the address of record and you will be responsible for the full cost of the order even if you no longer live there.

Alcohol delivery policies
Because we're committed to providing responsible service to our customers, we follow all applicable state and federal regulations about the sale of alcohol.

-We do not make Wine & Spirits deliveries after 10 p.m. Monday-Friday.
-Sunday delivery of Wine & Spirits must be made between 11am and 6pm.

-Someone must be at home to approve and sign for any Wine & Spirits delivery.
-The person signing for the order must be at least 21 years of age, with valid ID.
-A $10 restocking fee will be assessed if a qualified adult is not available.
-We do not deliver alcohol to schools or group homes.

No one under 21 years of age may place or receive an order from that includes wine, beer or spirits. Our Neighborhood Service Representatives check identification of all customers receiving alcohol. If a qualified adult is not available to approve and sign for delivery of Wine & Spirits items, the Neighborhood Service Rep will remove those items from the order. Your account will be credited for the full amount of any items you do not receive and a $10 restocking fee will be assessed. If this results in a balance due, your account will be charged.

We cannot deliver Wine & Spirits items after 10 p.m. Monday-Friday. In the unlikely event that deliveries are running late, due to bad weather or any other reason, our Neighborhood Service Reps must remove Wine & Spirits items from any order being delivered after 10 p.m. Your account will be credited for the full amount of any items you do not receive. In this case, a restocking fee will not be assessed.

Delivery of alcoholic beverages on Sunday is restricted to the hours between 11am and 6pm. If your Sunday grocery order contains wine, beer or spirits it will be scheduled for delivery accordingly within your selected delivery window. Should circumstances move your order delivery outside the 11am – 6pm timeframe the alcoholic beverages will be removed from the order and your account will be credited for the full amount of items you do not receive. 

Also, Neighborhood Service Reps have discretion with regard to the delivery of alcohol. If a Neighborhood Service Representative suspects that a person over 21 is accepting the delivery of alcohol for consumption by a minor, the Neighborhood Service Rep may refuse to deliver the alcohol.

Delivering to apartments
We currently deliver to many apartment complexes in the Twin Cities. Apartment deliveries can be set up in one of two ways:

To-the-Door Delivery
Groceries are delivered directly to your individual apartment. You choose from a list of times we're in your area each week, and you must be home to let our Neighborhood Service Rep into your building and to accept your groceries.

Restrictions for To-the-Door Deliveries:
  1. You must be home for all To-the-Door deliveries.
  2. Due to fire codes and security issues, we cannot leave groceries unattended outside individual apartments or in common areas (even if your building offers Central Delivery) because To-the-Door Delivery dates and times are not authorized by your building management.
  3. If your building does not have an elevator, no deliveries will be made above the fourth floor.
No exceptions will be made to these rules. If you are not home for delivery, groceries will be returned to CobornsDelivers and a restocking fee of $25 may be charged.

Central Delivery
Central Deliveries are prearranged with the building management to arrive at specific times and locations each week. Groceries are delivered in insulated totes. There is no need to be home for delivery (unless your order includes alcohol). You simply pick up your groceries from the central location and return the empty totes to this area.

To find out if we offer Central Delivery in your building, please complete the online signup process. If your apartment is not listed, please call Customer Relations at (763) 971-4900 or toll-free at 1 (866) 586-2530 for further information.

Delivering to a temporary address
If for some reason you'd like your delivery to go to an address other than the one specified in your account information, simply go to "My Account" and change your address temporarily. Deliveries will be made to this new address until you change it back!

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