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Kitchen Classics

Rebel Green

Join the Natural Cleaning Revolution! Rebel Green offers a full line of natural cleaning products that are designed to create cleaner, healthier living spaces at a better value. They use only the highest quality natural ingredients, so make the switch and discover a green product that works just as well as conventional cleaning products.
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Lantana Hummus (Eat Well)

Crafted with a passion for food and a better-tasting life, Lantana Foods is a revolutionary line of hummus made with unique, premium beans and vegetables and garnished with gourmet toppings. Delivering more nutritious options and great-tasting hummus flavors!
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Vital Farms Butter

Vital Farms' small herds of contented cows produce a high quality, rich, high-fat milk that is the perfect starting ingredient for the best butter. The butter is then churned slowly and in small batches – the way the butter churners at one of America's oldest creameries have been doing it for 120 years – offering you both a rich-tasting and ethically produced product.
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Vea is helping you explore more flavors with globally-inspired recipes. These deliciously different snacks are made from unique ingredients with layers of flavor baked in and crafted with no artificial flavors or colors and are always non-GMO Project Verified. Try all five varieties!
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Smartfood Popcorn

Smart from the start! Smartfood has been making great tasting popcorn since 1985, when they began using only the best ingredients and air popping the corn to keep it fluffy and fun to eat. They continue that tradition today with no artificial flavors or ingredients, just unforgettably tasty popcorn available in five delectable flavors.
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Don't Go Nuts

Enjoy the convenience of on-the-go eating with Don't Go Nuts organic, non-GMO, peanut and tree nut-free snacks. They're safe for anyone with nut allergies, certified gluten free, and most importantly, taste great!
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NEW in Natural & Organic

We're always looking to keep out Natural and Organic selection fresh and growing with goodness! Check out our latest additions across many departments including snacks, beverages, pantry staples and household goods.
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