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Grab-N-Go Eats

Packing a tasty meal or snack can be time consuming. Introducing our new Grab-N-Go Eats, available in 9 different varieties. Each Grab-N-Go Eats pack includes fruits and veggies with protein to satisfy your hunger craving and keep you fuller longer. Try them all today!

Grab-N-Go Eats

Wide Awake Iced Coffee

Fuel your busy day with Wide Awake Iced Coffee. Find the one that suits your own distinct personality.
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Kemps Probiotic Milk

The best thing to happen to milk since cereal. Not only does it support healthy digestion, but it also tastes great.
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Pure Blend Spreads

Bring better to the table with Pure Blends spreads. The delicious and better-y plant based spreads that everyone can love.
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Brownberry Organics

Enjoy the delicious homemade goodness of Organic Brownberry breads available in 100% Whole Grain or Rustic White.
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Local Favorite

Bridgeman's Ice Cream

Bring Minnesota's original favorite ice cream shoppe home. Bridgeman's smooth and creamy ice cream is now available in convenient 48 oz. tubs.
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Stokes Bird Food

A premium mix of seeds and morsels to attract a variety of wild birds to your yard.
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Fisher Oven Roasted Snack Nuts

New Oven Roasted Never Fried™ nuts are made with two simple ingredients – nuts and sea salt – to help you curb your next craving for a crunch.
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Coffee-Mate Creamers

Transform your everyday coffee into something extraordinary. So many flavors, so many cups. Find your favorite today.
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Nuovo Pasta

Fine Artisan pasta served by great chefs since 1989. Made under the careful eye of culinary trained experts, to ensure the perfect harmony of flavor, aroma and texture in every batch.
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Kitchen & Love Farro Meal Cups

These convenient and ready-to-eat cups come with a blend of already cooked faro and quinoa along with a savory vegetable sauce to mix in. Just stir and enjoy! No cooking, refrigeration, microwaving, or adding water.
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NEW in Natural & Organic

We're always looking to keep our Natural and Organic selection fresh and growing with goodness! Check out our latest additions across many departments including snacks, beverages, pantry staples and household goods.

Natural & Organic

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